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Sign up for advising:

  • During advanced registration
  • If you have changed your major
  • If you are having academic difficulty
  • If you have a quick question/need a document signed

Sign up for advising with an advisor below. No walk-ins. 

Agnes Buanya, Academic Advisor, 410-455-2342,  PUP 220

  • All advising

Luis Pinet-Peralta, Associate Director, 410-455-3817,  PUP 222

  • Internship advising and summer/winter advising

Katie Birger, Lecturer/Retention Specialist, 410-455-2080, PUP 251

  • Change of Majors


Completion of the Health Administration and Policy Program
requires careful coordination of Track selection with
internship placement. Additionally, differences in future
career plans for graduate education or immediate
post-baccalaureate employment are important influences
on his or her overall academic program and course
selections. With these considerations in mind, early
and continuous contact should be established with
a program advisor.