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Internship Information

Steps to a successful internship

  1. Make an appointment to discuss your internship placement early in the preceding semester with your advisor.
  2. Bring the completed Internship Application (be sure to download form before you complete it) to your appointment.
  3. The UMBC Career Services Center is an excellent resource when looking for an internship. Before you interview for an internship, the Center provides assistance with resumes, cover letters and mock interviews. This is key to a successful internship interview. Additionally, many great internship listings can be found on the the Center’s UMBCworks site.
  4. Provide your internship site preceptor with the required letter of intent information.
  5. You will be given permission to register for HAPP 495 after the letter of intent from your preceptor is received. The letter of intent must be sent directly from the preceptor to the HAPP office. 

Internship requirements

  • You cannot be on academic probation and must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Students must be a senior the semester for which the internship is requested. (Senior standing is 90 credits or more).
  • Internships cannot be clinical.
  • All students registering for the internship must participate in a professional liability insurance plan for which you will be billed separately. The cost of the insurance is estimate to be between $20-$30 for the semester.
  • The minimum semester requirement is 208 hours. Anything less than 208 hours at the placement site by the end of the semester will result in an incomplete (I) for the course.
  • Internships are required to run for the entire duration of the semester in which the student intern is enrolled.
  • The HAPP internship (HAPP 495) is a 5-credit course and must be taken PASS/FAIL.
  • The HAPP seminar (HAPP 496) is a 1-credit online graded course that includes weekly assignments and is a pre-requisite for HAPP 495.
  • Students are encouraged to seek out internships on their own.

Internship Documents:

  • Internship Application (Important: Download form before completing it)
  • letter of intent


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