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HAPP has revised the course requirements in response to the changing needs of the field.  For those students that have already been in the program, you may consult your advisor to confirm which program would be best for you. For new majors, please use the link below to plan your academic schedules.

New program requirements: HAPP-course-checklist-Oct 2017starting 1/1/2017

Prior to January 1, 2017 program requirements: ADVISING-HAPP course checklist for majors prior to January 1, 2017

Sign up for advising:

Sign up for advising:

  • During advanced registration
  • If you have changed your major
  • If you are having academic difficulty
  • If you have a quick question/need a document signed

Students who would like to change a major to the Health Administration & Policy Program must fill out the major declaration form, located on the Registrar’s website and meet with Debbie Sanford, the Department Advising Coordinator, prior to returning the form to the Registrar’s office. Once a student has officially changed to a HAPP major, he/she will be assigned to a faculty/staff advisor and will receive updates relevant to the major via email.

To determine who your advisor is please contact Amy Barnes, 410-455-3979, PUP 252 or Debbie Sanford, 410-455-3711, PUP 221. Not affiliated with UMBC yet? Please call Ms. Barnes and your inquiry will be forwarded to the most appropriate person to handle it.

At any point in the semester students can email their advisor directly or arrange a meeting to discuss questions about the major or their academic plan.

Advanced Registration Advising 

The Department and University send important email communication regarding advanced registration advising each semester.   This includes the date/time at which students can begin registration and notifications of advanced registration appointments.  It is important to read such correspondence, as the instructions can directly impact your ability to register for classes.

Students must meet with their advisor each semester during advanced registration (October/November and March/April) to review their progress toward fulfilling major and university requirements. Students will not be able to register for classes until they have met with an advisor and he/she has authorized the student to register. HAPP majors with another primary major are still strongly encouraged to meet each semester with their HAPP advisor.


Completion of the Health Administration and Policy Program
requires careful coordination of Track selection with
internship placement. Additionally, differences in future
career plans for graduate education or immediate
post-baccalaureate employment are important influences
on his or her overall academic program and course
selections. With these considerations in mind, early
and continuous contact should be established with
a program advisor.