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GPA Notification

If you received a MyUMBC notification that your GPA has fallen below the 2.5 cumulative GPA required for HAPP see important instructions below:

If this is your first or second consecutive notification, you need to raise your cumulative GPA above 2.5 next semester in order to remain in HAPP. Refer to the tips below for strategies for improving your GPA. If you would like to speak with your Advisor, please schedule an appointment 

Tips for improving your academic success next semester:

  • Reduce your course schedule to 12 credits.
  • Only repeat one course from a poor grade. Be realistic on your ability to be successful in the course repeat. Be sure you have the time and the academic support and consult with your advisor on how a course repeat will impact your GPA.
  • Be sure your courses are a mix of topics and not all science or writing.
  • Speak with your instructors if you are having difficulties.
  • Go to the Learning Resources Center for assistance

If this is your third consecutive notification, you are no longer permitted to remain a HAPP major and must speak with someone regarding other major options. Please make an appointment with the Office of Academic & Pre-Professional Advising or the Career Center.