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HAPP COM information

happcomOur Vision:

“The Health Administration and Policy Council of Majors supports and initiates programs of interest to majors.”

Since its inception in 1978, the Council of Majors has sought to provide students with an opportunity to meet, share information, and discuss mutual interests. In addition, the group is a resource of students seeking information regarding post-graduation goals, including career networking and guidance with graduate school programs. By sponsoring events to benefit both the campus and local community, the Council of Majors is also in the service of others. The Council of Majors welcomes every Health Administration and Policy major to participate.

Why Join the Council of Majors?

People join the Council of Majors because they realize the need to go above and beyond what is simply required to graduate.  Healthcare is a complex institution, and in order to understand and survive within it, one must diligently seek up-to-date information about the field.  The Council tries to bring pertinent information from “real world” organizations and events into their meetings and programming in hopes that students will understand how dynamic healthcare is.  Many employers and graduate schools want to know that candidates are doing more than the minimal.  The Council of Majors is one such opportunity to go above and beyond.