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HAPP course information

HAPP has revised the course requirements in response to the changing needs of the field.  For those students that have already been in the program, you may consult your advisor to confirm which program would be best for you. For new majors, please use the link below to plan your academic schedules.

New program requirements:  HAPP- MOST FINAL checklist-AFTER-JANUARY-2017 9.6.16

Prior to January 1, 2017 program requirements: ADVISING-HAPP course checklist for majors prior to January 1, 2017

See list below for complete list of HAPP courses.  Check schedule of classes for current semester for courses offered.


Health Administration & Policy Program
HAPP 100 – Survey of U.S. Health Care System
HAPP 100Y – Survey of the US Healthcare System
HAPP 200 – Human Development Implications for Health and Disease
HAPP 300 – Research Methods in Health
HAPP 329 – Geography of Disease and Health
HAPP 340 – Health Communication
HAPP 350 – Public Health Ethics
HAPP 354 – Social Bases of Public and Community Health
HAPP 358 – Bioethics
HAPP 380 – Global Issues in Health and Disease
HAPP 390 – American Health Care System and the Black Community
HAPP 391W – Seminar on AIDs for Health and Social Services Providers and Administrators
HAPP 398 – Selected Topics in Health Administration and Policy
HAPP 401 – Occupational Health Policy and Practice
HAPP 402 – Environmental Health Policy and Practice
HAPP 403 – Introduction to International Field Research
HAPP 405 – Contemporary Issues in Long Term Care
HAPP 411 – Health Regulation and Quality Improvement
HAPP 420 – Epidemiology
HAPP 429 – Seminar in Geography of Disease and Health
HAPP 452 – Health Care Organization and Delivery
HAPP 470 – Health Administration and Policy Program Internship
HAPP 495 – Health Administration and Policy Internship
HAPP 496 – Internship Seminar
HAPP 497 – Health Planning and Administration
HAPP 498 – Financial Management and Decision Support for Health Service Organizations
HAPP 499 – Independent Study